1.The Model

The best format is a vectorized file created with illustrator or freehand. Remember toenvisage a copy in Acrobat (pdf) for the quadrichromy models. For the visuals using 1 to 3 colors, it will be necessary to have Pantone references. Do not forget to bleed the image if the visual goes to the border of the file. We can also create for you the model and design by our graphic designers for an additional charge
See these diagrams below for the dimensions of the model :
To download: Dimensions

2. Personalization

- Serigraphy
Only on fabric models and on only 1 face. On the back of the fan there are the stems. You can choose the color of the fabric. Impression from 1 to 5 Pantone colors. From 5000 examples, it is more economic to print in offset.

- Tampographie
We use the tampography to print on a rod, in theory on the first or and last stem. This is a small surface, dimensions according to the model. Two colors maximum.

- Thermograving
Or gilding. this is used to add edsign on the PVC rods.

- Transfert

We use the transfer for the small visuals (32cm2 maximum) and a quantity lower than 500 examples. Only on white or unbleached fabric models and recto is available. The texts can be printed using serigraphy.

- Sublimation
A new technic that allows us to personalise your fans using 4 colors from only 100 examples. This technic is possible on white tissue, unbleached fabric, and in recto.

- Offset on tissue
For more than 500 Fans, the most economical way to print on the tissue is using offset. The result is of a much higher quality. We can have 4 color designs with a photographic quality. This is possible only white tissues, unbleached fabric and only in recto (one side of the fan).

- Offset on paper

Only on models from Asia. These are possible using from 1 to 4 colors and in recto-verso using two papers with the rods underneath.

3. Delivery

For a serigraphy with 1 color and in small quantities (100 to 3000), delivery is possible in 10 to 20 days depending on the destination.

The standard delivery time is from 25 to 35 days depending on the quantitiy except for the productions coming from Asia.
From Asia, the standard delivery time is 25 to 35 days by plane (a maximum of 20.000 examples) and 90 to 120 days if shipped by water (there is a minimum of 10.000 examples)

4. Prototype

In certain cases, we can providie you with a prototype of the fan with a printed example on tissue or an already finished prototype. All Asian models come with a prototype. These commandes to be paid in advance, the techical costs + plus shipping costs + 30 Euros. Only the technical costs are reduced from the finale order.

5. Payment

For amounts less than 1500 Euros, we demand 100% of the final cost at the command. For amounts higher than 1500 Euros, 50% at the demand, and the final payment before the shipping. We accept checks or wire transfers. Our billing invoices are tax free because the fabrication is in Spain and in Asia. For amounts les than 500 Euros, there is also the possibilty to pay using PayPal with an additional charge of 3% on the final price.