Hello and welcome to Publicity Fan. We would like to present to you this wonderful product, ever so populer with a high level of craftsmanship, the fan...

On a old piece of iberian ceramic, near Lliria (Valencia, Spain), we find a portrait of a woman with a fan. The fan has been part of various world cultures for hundreds of years.Historically, the fan was just a peice of wood with a leaf of a palm tree interlaced with the wood fibers until recently where it has become a a work of high craftsmanship ans styles.

Production of fans from this region in Spain began in the 14th century. Since the middle of the 16th century, the fans became more elaborate and it is then that the production of foldable fans were created. A century later, the fan industry developped with the use with lithographs printing in order to reduce the cost of production.

Today, thanks to modern printing technologies, the cost of printing has been reduced but the high quality craftsmanship in creating the fan itself has not been sacrificed. Meaning that your fan is constructed with the same craftsmanship as 300 years ago !

Your publicity fan, tailored to your desire !

Today, there are no limits to how we create your publicity fan, the sky is the limit...

You can choose the color of wood, the support, the tissue, even the type of wood and how the words of your choice are engraved, varnish, special packaging, paper instead of tissue, bamboo (the chinese fan).Your model is prepared and customized for you.

Our speciality is the fan since many generations... we can produce the fans in small quantities, quickly, with prices to meet any budget with a concentration on craftsmanship and high quality printing. (Offset printing starting at 500 units and maintaining quality even for lower quantities.

Delivery is possible in all Europe.

You can find our examples and collection on the "Catalogue" page.